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About Sprout!

Hi! I'm Megan Lowe and 'Sprout' is my TED-Ed Innovator project.

I wanted to design an online space where students can pitch any and all of their possible TED-Ed talk ideas to other clubs around the world. The audience of fellow TED-Ed members and leaders are encouraged to give these ideas feedback, as well as a star rating.

Students will quickly know which of their ideas are resonating with others. They can use the feedback to further refine and clarify their concept.

This space has the potential to become a rich bank of innovative ideas... A place where those struggling with their 'a-ha' moment can go and be inspired.

It is designed to be a safe environment where teachers or club leaders moderate all ideas and feedback, before it is posted.

We want to encourage students to take risks and share what is important to them, so no real names or identifiers are used. BUT, please remind students that their teachers / club leaders are watching and don't forget to review your School Board's 'Code of Digital Conduct', or alike, before you begin. Here’s WRDSB’s: Junior / Senior.

Let's get students talking more, sharing more and giving each other quality feedback.